Paul Weiss, a native New Yorker, moved to California after graduation from Canisius College, then founded and directed two international nonprofit organizations, Los Niños and Children of The Americas, to help the poorest children on the planet. One of his key contributions was personally bringing 20,000 volunteers, mostly students, to Rancho Justicia at the Mexican Border for a Tijuana Weekend of consciousness-raising. Paul’s work with children includes 7 years in the nation’s capital where “tens of thousands of children go to bed hungry every night.” He led efforts there to repair the broken food program in D.C. public schools and campaigned, successfully, to make children the city’s first priority.

After 30 years in the trenches, alongside compassionate young people seeking ways to use their gifts to hear God’s call to heal the planet, Paul understands the yearnings and language of their journey. Touching The Rainbow Ground gives practical steps for every student, nonprofit staff member, and minister struggling to engage their activist spirits with the challenges of a difficult world.

He lives in Buenos Aires and in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, and travels the globe, capturing the world’s beauty in nature and art, and producing video essays on social justice.  See: Teen Soldiers on

Paul is presently working under a grant to organize a new, global outreach to children:

Paul’s book can be purchased through:

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