Are you a writer looking for the support of fellow writers who are serious about their work? If so, we’d love to meet you.

We reluctantly decided to close the group back in mid-2013 as it was getting too large to make constructive criticism possible. Things have calmed down since then and we’re now welcoming new members. The only qualification is that you be a native-level speaker and writer of English and that you are committed to actually writing, rather than just saying you’d love to write a book one of these days. You don’t need to have experience; you certainly don’t need to have been published. You just need to be prepared to come along and share your work on a regular basis, and to listen to others’ work respectfully before commenting. The most important rule (yes, we have rules!) is that everyone participates in a spirit of good faith. We are a community of writers who are trying to get better at what we do. Criticism is welcome, so long as it’s offered in a spirit of solidarity.

Whether you’re a poet, you’re writing screenplays, short stories, reviews, novels, a memoir or indeed anything else, come along and find us. We meet every Wednesday morning in Cafe Maqiuavelo, Paseo la Plaza, Corrientes 1660, at 11.00.


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