Recently our group has grown in size, which is fantastic; we’re delighted to meet new people with new stories. Having said that, a group that has doubled its number of regular attendees in the last three months brings some logistical problems. Several members have been worrying that if it continues to grow exponentially, we will end up with a group that’s simply too big to function without splitting into two. We think the structure of the meeting works well and everyone benefits from hearing what the entire group has to say, so that doesn’t seem like an attractive prospect.
After some discussion over the last few days, a consensus has emerged that the best solution is to temporarily close the group to new members. With so many of us recommending it to our friends and acquaintances, it has reached a sort of tipping point. In order to make sure that it remains a focussed environment in which everyone who is serious about their writing can read and critique each other’s work, we need to come up with a way to ensure we don’t end up with a mega group in which there’s no time for anyone to really be heard. Hence the collective decision, which seems to us the simplest and fairest thing to do.
The Buenos Aires English Writers Group has supported so many people on the path from total novices to regular writing. It’s given a lot of us a great deal of joy, as we discover or nurture our creative lives. Over the past five years there have been countless successful bloggers, memoirists, poets, short story writers and novelists who’ve learned from each other and most of all from the weekly discipline of working at the craft. Several books have been published. We love the group and want it to continue to thrive and we very much hope that everyone feels this is the right measure to take. KEEP WRITING!


2 thoughts on “FIVE YEARS and going strong!

  1. Hello, I am an aspiring writer(essay and memoir) and I am moving to Buenos Aires in 2 weeks. I would like to join the group if possible. Please could you add me to your waiting list?

    1. Hi Emma, we’re now open to new members again and would love to meet you, if you’re still in Buenos Aires. I’ll email you as well. All best, Helen

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